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Backgrounds for Santa photography are called Christmas backgrounds and do not receive proper attention from photographers. They are the Santa photography backgrounds that studios use to provide a “themed Christmas look” for Santa art.

The Santa photography backgrounds come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Many are cheap online brands or DIY Christmas backgrounds. Photographers overlook the importance of quality when deciding on Santa backgrounds. Most studios are only doing a weekend of "Santa Pics". 

Business minded studios provide their clients with Fine Art Santa Portrait Art. The background for Santa photography still does not get the professional scrutiny required for such fine art. This is a powerful statement with a great deal of truth. 

The background for Santa photography plays a huge and unquestionable role in majestic Santa art. Imagine being a great photographer who lights and poses a subject perfectly. I simply cannot imagine a photographer putting a well crafted and posed subject in front of a background that is not of the same caliber. The final artwork would not inspire the viewer, nor would it sell to a discerning buyer.

Christmas backgrounds for Santa Photography get the least amount of artistic attention in the photographic industry. If you are to create majestic Santa art and sell it at art prices, you must be fully aware of the entire surface of the art itself. You are no longer simply selling a photo or a Santa pic. 

The background for Santa photography can actually be up to 75%-85% of any given image.

You may think you are saving money by purchasing a cheap background or building a DIY background for Santa photography. The reality is, you may actually be jeopardizing your entire brand.

At the very least, you are labeling your style and studio as "just ok" or worse. There are some areas a photographer can choose to be frugal. The background for Santa photography is not one of them. 

As an artist/photographer, you are responsible for every square inch of each piece of art you create. Artists know there is more to creating good art than simply focusing their attention on the main subject within the piece. The supporting area, or background around the subject, provides the overall ambience, composition and harmony for the artwork. 

A proper background for Santa photography leads the viewer to the story told within the image. The background is a huge part of the overall gestalt of any art piece.

Don’t save yourself into poverty when looking to create Fine Art Magical Santa Photography. Christmas backgrounds for Santa Photography deserve your respect.

It is time we get serious and break down the numbers. We will start with the photographer building the Santa set.  She or he is looking at purchasing a professional background for her Santa set that will cost $800. Even though it is perfect for her artistic needs, the photographer still decides to save money and DIY or buy a cheap background for Santa photography online. 

She has now secured the materials for $100-$200 and created her background. It does not look the same as what she would like to buy, however it is close enough. We all know this is the photographer's ego talking and not necessarily the correct decision. 

NOTE: At this point you may be angry with me and I can appreciate that fact. This can be a touchy subject but it is worth digging into. I sincerely ask that you please read on, as I really am trying to help you. 

Let’s refocus on the numbers and dig a little deeper. So far she has saved $600 and is feeling pretty good about her decisions. The photographer now has her background for her Santa photography set. Upon viewing her Christmas set, she stands back and rationalizes that it will look “good enough” for the Christmas season.

This is the time that a Santa is hired and sample Santa images are created.

Sample products are subsequently created for display and marketing. The marketing campaign is complete and being implemented.

The photographer is on her way to a successful Christmas season. This may not actually be the reality of what is about to transpire. Hard work is generally not enough to create success but it sure feels like it should be enough. Reality says it is not enough. There must be a workable plan for proper ROI.   

Santa photography sessions are now being booked and clients are arriving for their studio sessions. All of the physical work it takes to photograph these clients and create the digital art now begins in earnest. The preparations are also complete for product merchandising and studio ambiance. The Christmas season has begun.

Your sales system is in place and you are excited to show your clients their beautiful pictures of their children and Santa. You are a professional photographer with a plan and I sincerely commend you. It takes a great deal of work to put this all together.

Viewing sessions are scheduled once the Santa sessions and digital art are complete. This is where the photographer will make her living. It is now time to sell the artwork and make a profit.

Mrs. Smith comes to the studio and for some reason she cannot connect with the pictures of her children and Santa. She politely asks the cost of an 8x10 or 11x14. Mrs. Smith turns down one of your best products and does not purchase a storybook. She will not openly say she does not like the look of her pictures. Mrs. Smith may not really know why she is not willing to purchase a big wall portrait. Out of politeness, she asks for some basic pricing. It is a classic rejection of a photographer's art.

Being a good salesperson, the photographer walks Mrs. Smith through her pictures and gets a sale of $1500 and is very happy with the total amount. Politely, she thanks Mrs. Smith and is excited about the sale. She rationalizes that she and her sales system (and background) have been successful.

There is a reality that the photographer is not seeing or not willing to see.

This is the time to put her ego in her pocket and think. Did she leave thousands of dollars of sales on the table? When this happens fifty times in a row, it becomes a huge loss in revenue for the studio and the amount of work done to date.

This scenario that I have described happens far too often. A talented professional photographer decides to go cheap with their Christmas background and settles for a small sale to each and every Mrs. Smith.

Here is the reality of art and selling art in photography studios. Tens of thousands of dollars are left on the table from sessions at studios every year. With more thought, knowledge and application, this fact is easily changed. 

Invest in your art and studio.

When a photographer invests in the proper background and understands the importance of its role, the sales revenue can change dramatically. The background for Santa photography is simply that important. 

The photographer’s posing, composition and lighting skills are now accentuated and properly supported by the background. Colors and tones within the final piece are correct from the beginning. The final art no longer looks like Santa Pics from the old days. The photographer creates and provides, majestic art of folklore that features her client’s children or child.

Mrs. Smith can now visualize the art on the wall of her home. Before she completes the purchase, Mrs. Smith must love the art presented, as she will view it in her home every day. It is important for the photographer to understand that their art may also be displayed with very expensive furnishings within the client's home.

During the final viewing session Mrs. Smith is delighted. She then engages in the discussion of completing the purchase of her art. They cannot wait to receive their children’s story book and know they will win the Christmas card contest this year. Suddenly the photographer's order has skyrocketed to over $4000.  

When created properly, a photographer's artwork can stand out as a feature piece within any home. The importance of the background within your art can be the difference between success and failure. 

The Numbers. 

In this experiment, the photographer will create fifty sessions in total.

Scenario #1

In the first scenario the average sale was $1500 per session. The photographer’s gross sales were $75,000 and they saved $600 on a background. She paid $200 for materials for a total savings or $600. So I will add that to get a total of $75,400. (I did not add the cost of your time to make the background.)

Scenario #2

In the second scenario, the averages went to $4000 per session. The photographer’s gross sales were $200,000. Remember the professional background cost that extra $800. I will subtract that from the sales total for a new total gross of $199,200.

This is a simple yet real comparison. In both scenarios the photographer did 50 sessions. Scenario number two, produced an extra $123,800. It all started with Mrs. Smith feeling comfortable with respect to how the art would look on her wall.

You be the Judge

Be the judge and ask yourself which scenario was dynamically affected by a quality background for Santa photography. We must also understand that branding is also happening throughout the Christmas season.

The photographer in the second scenario will bolster her brand when her clients begin showing her breathtaking art to their friends. Year two will subsequently become even better and her brand will continue to grow. 

The Choice

When you choose to create higher end products and sell them to discerning clientele, their expectations will follow. Providing these clients with the correct art without cutting corners will be imperative to your success.

You will find that sales will excel right along with your quality minded choices. Your investment will continue to produce extraordinary results for years to come. The initial investment of a professional Santa background will be amortized over years and remain a valuable asset. 

Do not expect clients to pay more when you are not willing to do the same. Provide quality from the beginning, as this will set your brand on a course to properly serve higher end clients.

Backgrounds for Santa photography are serious business when creating Fine Art Santa Photography. The importance of quality can never be underestimated if you want to create exquisite nostalgic Santa photography.


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