Christmas in July for Photographers

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2021

Why should Photographers hire a Santa and offer Christmas in July sessions this summer? It is perhaps one of the most powerful products a studio or independent photographer can offer.  

The retail world embraces Christmas in July like never before. There was a time, not so long ago, that Christmas in July was one day. It then stretched to a weekend, then a week and now it is a full month long for most retailers.

As a parent, I know how challenging it is during the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Stress levels can be high and there is just so much to do. Time is short and family is very important.

This is where Christmas in July for a studio can help many families. The style of Santa art that can be offered by a professional photography studio can be quite stunning, nostalgic, majestic and produce breathtaking family heirlooms when done correctly. 

Think of the advantages to parents, children and grandparents. 

  1. It helps them do their Christmas shopping early and in a stress free environment.
  2. The gifts are priceless and cannot be purchased or even found in any store.
  3. Provides family Christmas art that is completed well prior to Christmas giving time to work it in with all other decorations.
  4. Provides families with family heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation.
  5. Allows parents and grandparents to enjoy this moment with their children in a non rushed environment. 
  6. Children get to enjoy milk and cookies with a special visit from Santa from the North Pole. Contrary to adult opinions, every child loves to visit with Santa whenever they can. They will need no convincing at all. The parents might as they, unfortunately, have grown up. Grandparents will understand though.
  7. The studio also has a no rush environment to do incredible artwork for their clients.  
  8. If a specific child is at that perfect age and size for the photography session, it is time to do the session. That size will go away and not come back, but the artwork will last for generations.


It is very difficult to only offer Fine Art Magical Santa Sessions to clients only during November and December. There just is not enough time to serve all of the clients during that time. Labs have cut-off dates and Santa only has so many available dates and times. And what about the time it takes to make your art and design, write and create magical children’s story books.  

Detailed Art.

Your clients need to know and be educated about the talent and detail it takes to create the style of Magical Santa Art first started by Master Photographer and artist Larry Hersberger. 

These sessions are not about a Santa Experience (even though they are amazing and the children love them) but they are about capturing the correct images and addressing the details for the creation of an amazing children's story book and master wall art pieces.  

As with a play or movie, they take time, preparation and knowledge to create. The final art and heirloom products really have nothing to do with Santa Pics as the general public pictures in their minds. 

Serving Your Community

Larry Hersberger chooses to bring the true meaning of Christmas into his art, poetry and storytelling. There are also life lessons woven throughout the books via the poetry. He understands that these books and pieces of artwork will be read and seen by many generations and handed down over time.  

This gives Larry a platform to share joy, love and kindness to children and viewers as they read and see the artwork and books. It is his way of giving back to and impacting his community in a positive and joyous way. 

Quality and Education

All products are made to the highest standards. Anyone who chooses to create and provide such a product will need to educate their clients of not only the quality and craftsmanship, but also everything described above.  

Once people see that this is about true heirloom art and craftsmanship, they will take a very different purchasing, booking and decision making approach. There is always that “light bulb” moment when they realize they are learning about something very different than they expected.

With all of this said, now the client looks at booking their child to have a piece of art and book created and the dates and times do not have to specifically relate to Christmas. This is the game changer. 




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